Features and Functions of GPS based Vehicle Tracking System.

Device identifies the location of the vehicle on a real time basis. Just through internet you can easily track your exact position of the vehicle.

Whether passive or active the tracking devices store all location and speed details that you can collect through your PC by using internet and a special software made for this purpose. Even one can set the speed limitation in the device attached. If somebody drives the car beyond the specified speed limit, it will alert you immediately.

Device helps not only to keep limit on its speed but also on its area. Similarly you can create safety zones so that the moment your vehicle goes out of the designated area, the device alerts you through SMS, email or by using any other wireless media.

Best feature of the system is its easiness with which it can be used. From anywhere one can get the information about that particular vehicle by logging in the information required. Details about the car are displayed within seconds.

Some devices work even in a smarter way by making a chart of the entire activities of the vehicle over a period of time that you can analyse later on. Hence, these tracking devices have really revolutionized the communication medium by providing various cool features at your fingertips.

Real time Live Tracking

We use cutting edge GPS satellite positioning technology for accurately track and pin point the location and speed.

Stop Vehicle by SMS

You can switch off the ignition of vehicle by just sending a SMS. Your vehicle can’t move further without your permission.

Track on the move

Thanks to Smartphone revolution, now you can track and control vehicle from your mobile or tablet.

Replay History

You can replay the previous data log. It will give you minute by minute activity of your vehicle in animated form.


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